HCG Diet Drops

If you are thinking about going on an HCG Diet, then you should seriously consider getting supplements to help make the diet successful. Research has shown that most people who attempt the HCG diet do not succeed if they do not take supplements along with the diet. HCG Drops alone are not enough due to the side effects that make most people stop the diet before they see the results.

HCG Drops

HCG Drops alone are not enough. Research shows that most people who try an HCG Diet, do not succeed. This is due mainly to the side effects that occur with the diet. HCG Drops Plus has kits that include everything you need to eliminate the side effects, and be successful on the HCG Diet.

The kits include HCG Drops, and supplements that decrease appetite, enhance mental clarity, relieve constipation, as well as increase your metabolism to burn even more fat.

HCG Drops

HCG Drops

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Real HCG Drops

HCG Replacement Drops contain NO HCG hormones. We designed an all natural alternative to Real HCG Drops, that has been proven to outperform other HCG Drops, even with the HCG injection method. 

When taken with our supplements SUPPORT™ and HYDRATE™, we have a 99.5% success rate!

Best HCG Drops

HCGDropsPlus.com's HCG Replacement Drops are made in the USA, as well as being manufactured in an FDA approved lab. Our Best HCG Drops are sublingual and are used in the same manner as the FDA banned HCG drops. Using our HCG Drops and Supplements, you can expect the same success rate and even add an additional 200 calories per day to your HCG diet.